Why Sleep Innovations 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Guarantees Comfort During Bedtime

It would be an overstatement to say Sleep like the Dead. But every sleep Innovations mattress just does wonders in the bedroom as you wait for the next day. Just like the name suggests, this mattress is made by Sleep Innovations Inc, a business that was set up in 1996. Until now, they’ve continued to manufacture mattresses that do wonders. So in this review, we’ll be highlighting just one of their mattresses.


Main Features
1. 9.5′ layer of high density support foam
The reason why people wake up with bed soars or other pains related to sleep is because the mattresses they use are not correctly designed to support their body while asleep. What the 9.5 inch layer high density support foam does is to support the entire body while asleep. So there are no chances of developing aches.

2. Two-layer 12′ mattress featuring exclusive SureTemp open cell memory foam
This technology ensures efficient airflow in the mattress, hence regulating the temperature of the sleeping area irrespective of seasons. The exclusive SureTemp open cell feature is something that every mattress should have. Apparently, it’s only available in mattresses manufactured by Sleep Innovations Inc.

memory foam mattress queen3. Superior pressure point relief
This Sleep Innovations mattress is equipped with all the features needed for comfortable sleeping. Besides offering maximum support, this mattress reduces tossing, does not make any noise when lied on, does not transfer motion when one person turns, plus it naturally conforms to the body to ensure proper spine alignment.

4. Measurements
Lastly, this mattress measures 80′ long, 60′ wide and 12′ high. Amazingly, the manufacture has given it a 20-year limited warranty. So expect this mattress to serve you for several years before you replace it again.


Customer reviews
This mattress has garnered some positive reviews here and there because of its comfort and pressure-relieving tendencies. In a survey, only 6% of users reported that their mattress had caused pain mainly because of excessive firmness. Again, more than 75% of users reported that their beds felt medium to firm irrespective of the model they bought from the company.
Currently, the company has an A Plus rating at BBB, a sure sign that most users love their products. It can easily be noticed that the company focuses more on comfort than anything else, which is why their products tend to score more in this area. We’re not saying this mattress is perfect, but at least it has managed to score a high rating since the manufacturer launched it.
Heat build up is almost zero–again this is an element of comfort that most users have come to like. The only problem that some users had with this product is the fact that one person couldn’t handle or move it quite easily, since it weighs100lbs.

Where to buy
The best deals are often found at Amazon. That’s because Amazon offers favorable discounts compared to other stores. They also have a wide range of sizes in stock, so the moment you order, it will be delivered to you quickly, no waiting more than the stated time. Amazon also tends to be one of the most trusted retailers on the web. This Sleep Innovations Mattress tends to perform better than other high density foam mattresses in its category, so it’s worth trying it out. GO TO Amazon to check the latest price and buying options.

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